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Traditional Mediterranean Salad                   
Romaine lettuce, cucumber, crumbled feta, olives, tomatoes and house dressing                                
 Small..$4.99  ,  Medium ..$8.99   ,  Large.. $10.99
Traditional Mediterranean Salad                         
with  your choice of Falafel, Chicken gyros, Beef gyros,  lamb & beef Gyros or Chicken shawrama
Small… $9.49,  Large…$11.99
Bulger, mint, tomatoes, parsley, cucumber,olive oil & lemon
Small..$6.99,  Large… $12.99
Fattoush Salad                                                                                                          
Cucumber, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and mint tossed in a pomegranate olive oil dressing
Small..$6.99,  Large…$12.99